Welcome to ENGR 523 ( CSCI B649)

Spring 2019


From servers to smartphones, our world has been revolutionized by the modern computer. The Internet of Things (IoT) promises to again revolutionize how we interact with computing, this time embedding compute deep within our urban environments, in homes, in ourselves, and many other places. These devices must be reliable, networked, and self-powered, enabling them to go unmaintained for decades, allowing for computation that seamlessly fades into the background of everyday life.

This class will be a mix of topical discussions and hands-on programming. Rather than giving a wide-ranging overview of IoT, we will instead focus on a single project within the IoT domain. Thus, a large portion of this class will focus on designing and implimenting software solutions for a specific IoT problem, acoustic (audio) event detection. Due to time constraints, we will be using standardized hardware.

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Local Build Instructions and GDB Instructions


P1 - UDP Server

P2 - Sensor Wifi

P3 - Audio Detection

P4 - Timer

P5 - DMA + VAD

P6 - Keyword Spotting

Course Schedule

This is the tentative schedule for this semester.

Date Day Lecture Topic
1/7 Monday What is IoT?
1/9 Wednesday Networks: Sockets
1/14 Monday DSP: Audio as a Wave
1/16 Wednesday Demo: Intro to Argon
1/21 Monday MLK Day
1/23 Wednesday uC: Capturing Audio
1/28 Monday DSP: Filters
1/30 Wednesday CLASS CANCLED
2/4 Monday DSP: FIR Filters
2/6 Wednesday DSP: IIR Filters
2/11 Monday DSP: Filters
2/13 Wednesday DSP: MFCC
2/18 Monday DSP: MFCC
2/20 Wednesday uC: Timers
2/25 Monday uC: ADC
2/27 Wednesday uC: DMA
3/4 Monday Review / Overflow
3/6 Wednesday Exam
3/11 Monday Spring Break
3/13 Wednesday Spring Break
3/18 Monday ML: Introduction
3/20 Wednesday ML: Bayesian
3/25 Monday ML: Bayesian
3/27 Wednesday ML: Neural Networks
4/1 Monday ML: Neural Networks
4/3 Wednesday ML: Neural Networks
4/8 Monday NO CLASS
4/10 Wednesday ML: Neural Networks
4/15 Monday NO CLASS
4/17 Wednesday uC: CMSIS NN
4/22 Monday uC: CMSIS NN
4/24 Wednesday Overflow
5/1 Wednesday Final Demos 8am-10am